Ina Concept

your preferred partner for your lighting business in Africa

Exclusive lighting supplier for some major European brands and Global brands in Africa

Creation of functional Lighting plans

Wide range of quality lighting

Personal advice

Lighting atmosphere

Exclusive lighting products

Indoor and outdoor lighting

Iña Concept has been your preferred lighting supplier for over 20 years. Providing our clients with excellent service has always been our main goal. Through the years we supplied a wide range of companies with excellent lighting solutions.

Distributor of high quality lighting

We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor design lighting solutions from renowned international brands.
Lighting creates instant atmosphere. Did you know that the right light in you shop can also drive sales?

Functional lighting plans

A functional lighting plan entails more than a selection of armatures and bulbs. You can rely on our extensive experience to provide you with a tailored lighting solution for your specific needs.

Get in touch. Let’s talk about your lighting needs.

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